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The Big Back Yard

A science fiction story written for children and mostly set in Australia.   Thousands of years ago there was galactic civilization with a network of gateways which could move people instantly to any other planet with a gateway.   The civilization disappeared, but the gateways, buried and protected, are still there.  A group of children in rural Australia find a gateway and travel though it.

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A science fiction story written for children and based on bed-time stories I once told my sons.  There's magic in it, but it was written a long time before Harry Potter came on the scene.  And the characters here don't go to a private school.

The setting is a planet where magic works.  This is unique in the known universe, so the advanced civilizations appoint a guardian to monitor and protect the planet from interference.  But the guardian doesn't know that there is one place on the planet where magic doesn't work, an island almost entirely cut off from the rest of the planet where a spacecraft crashed many thousands of years ago and where life is based on science.  The story is about the first person to leave the island and how science and magic combine to save the planet.

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Golden Rendezvous

A story of the twenty-second century, when much less aggressive future humans have to regain the ability to fight - for survival.  Click here for a sample chapter.



A story of a device that moves things between parallel universes, bringing beings from different worlds into dramatic contact.  Click here for a sample chapter.


Who Knows Where the Time Goes

A play set in the sixties and aimed at recreating the atmosphere of the times.  Click here for a sample scene.

This play is available from Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/112713



The Life Cloth  by Rosemary Harle

Don't miss Rosie's novel on Kindle (or Kindle UK, where it's cheaper)! 



Non-fiction work:


The Floating Village

Work I've been doing towards a PhD discussing how we can start a worldwide network of self-sufficient floating communities.


Working for Mitsui - Forty-two months of Slavery

An account of my father's time in a POW camp at Kamioka, Japan, working in a mine as essentially a slave of Mitsui from 1942-45, made up largely of extracts from his wartime diaries (now held by the Imperial War Museum)


The  - not very green - Rainbow Warrior III

A critique of the design.