There have been many famous Bobs over time, but no matter how creative or (un)inspiring each of these Bobs were, none comes close to having the sort of impact that Bob Harle enjoyed. Here, we take a few liberties with the scientific method to explore the Evolution of Bob.


FIRST TIER: Unforgettable


  Bob Harle: physicist, IT specialist, and more importantly, husband, father and friend  

SECOND TIER: Bobs with staying power

Bob Dylan: songwriter, poet, civil rights leader Bob Weir: singer/songwriter for the Grateful Dead Bob Marley: Rastafarian,  the first 3rd world superstar and Duppy Conqueror Bob McKenzie, eh. Robert Frost: American Poet, one of his most famous works written when he didn't get a lift home from the pub
THIRD TIER: These Bobs qualify as 'good value'

Silent Bob: especially known for his speaking role in Chasing Amy Bob Denver: beloved castaway Gilligan Bob the Dinosaur: Cobol coder and wedgie enforcer extraordinaire Bob Hoskins Bob from Sesame Street. Possibly Jim Henson's most realistic puppet after Gonzo


FOURTH TIER: Even successful politicians can't make it past the bottom of the pack

 Bob Ansett

Bob Hawke: Holder of world record for skolling a yard of beer...oh and  Australian PM 1983-1991

Bob the Builder: teaching all  that we can indeed fix it

Bob Carr: NSW Premier 1995-2005 Leader of the centrists

 Bob Monkhouse: British Comedian

BOTTOM TIER: These Bobs have seemingly fatal flaws

Bob of "Prometheus and Bob" fame. Possibly the reason why aliens no longer visit Earth. That and the lack of good Anterian restaurants. Sideshow Bob. All the intelligence of Bob and the Psychotic nature of Norman Bates. Bob Saget: family friendly entertainment by day, f***king standup by night Bob: Failed Microsoft product Bob Dole: Failed US politician and Viagra spokesperson