21st March 1947

By this time in 1947, already this year has seen the nationalization of British mines, the end of the state of Prussia, the creation of ISO, the beginning of the IMF, the marriage of Wernher Von Braun (representing a huge setback in rocket science as he's now only allowed to 'mess around in his shed' on Sunday afternoons, after lunch) and the proclamation of the Truman Doctrine (slightly less plausible than 1998's The Truman Show). Later this year would see the independence of India and Pakistan, the creation of the CIA, the marriage of Princess Elizabeth II to a Greek, the invention of the AK47 and, even more significantly, the Frisbee. All these events are eclipsed on the 21st of March 1947 with the birth of Brian Robert Harle.

Early Years

As a child he began to perfect the art of ambulatory somnolence with somewhat limited success.



He eventually mastered the discipline in time to become a hippy.



Despite this Bob was one of the key researchers on the breeze block shelf project, an technology still widely employed by college students, artists and musicians.


Around this time, he met his better half, Rosie, and cleaned up his act. Immensely.....

....Until he moved to Holland.