Dear Dad,

Josh and I thought long and hard about what to do for your birthday. We had many grand ideas all of which proved impossible.

Our quest for the mythical Electric Guitar of Might came to an end when we learnt it was more of a Guitar of Maybe but Probably Not.

When trying to turn Jimi Hendrix's skeleton into a guitar rack we discovered that he was still too high to do anything except 'my thing, man'.

And neither of us like to think of the horrors we encountered attempting to steal Keith Richards' mojo.

So, we finally decided to get you your own domain and put together a site in honour of you.

It's hard to put into words how proud we are of you. Where other fathers were interested in one thing or another, you always seemed interested in everything and through your many interests you showed Josh and I we could do anything.

I know very few people who can be honest in their opinions with their Fathers, fewer who think of their Dads as a friend and none whose Dad's are so universally considered cool. I'm lucky to have all these.

Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you have a great day.



P.S. IOU Birthday breakfast and a cider in the Bok when next in N.L.